Eurel Informatica S.p.A. - company specializing in Electronic Voting Systems and Conference, implements solutions for industrial automation and organization of the activities of parliamentary assemblies and Public Administration.
  • Votazione elettronica
    Electronic voting of the Parliamentary type

    To check those attending, simple open and nominal voting, secret ballots and voting called by name in the hall

  • Sistema di Gestione degli oratori
    Requesting speaking and debating times

    For full data and debate management.

  • Sistema Audio
    Complete Public Address System

    Integrated into the electronic voting system and provided with devices selected from major brands on the world marketplace.

  • Sistema di Traduzione Simultanea
    Available up to 32 languages

    Simultaneous digital translation is implemented both via wireless technology and customary wiring.

  • Videoverbalizzazione
    The Assembly Hall TV system

    To document and communicate in total transparency.

  • Multimedia
    The Audio/Video and Data network

    For public and press viewing of Assembly Hall information.

  • Garanzia
    Guarantee by contract

    The systems of Eurel Informatica SpA are guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

  • Assistenza Tecnica
    Hardware e Software

    Following Clients requests, Eurel Informatica SpA provides a technical assistance service against payment.

  • Presidio Operativo e Conduzione
    Conducting the System

    Eurel Informatica SpA is responsible for on-site operating presence and system conduction during Assembly activities.