Video streaming: transparency and democracy in Town Councils

Town councils are using the streaming of town council sessions more and more often

Digital transformation has established that the PA has to revolutionise their relations with citizens completely.

In small Municipalities in particular, using new technologies such as streaming videos of Council sessions, is becoming a requirement that is more and more requested both by administrators and by communities.

Recent technological innovations in fact, have profoundly modified the configuration of the territories, urging local PA's to activate new forms of territorial aggregations, for the purpose of experimenting new economic and social politics, both shared and extended.

Videorecording and video streaming are among the technological tools preferred by Town councils to reach these goals.

Live and on demand transmission of Town Councils and publishing records and resolutions result in fact to be the ideal tool to empower administration credibility and transparency, thus further permitting citizens to consult these documents who would not otherwise be able to reach Town council sites.

Certain more sophisticated video streaming solutions such as the Multimedia Integrated System by Eurel Informatica S.p.A.offers the availability of an advanced search of contents in on demand mode, via a large number of search keys (name of Member, topic of discussion, voting, interventions, date, etc.).

How important is streaming Town Council sessions?

Town council sessions have always represented the highest expression of institutional activities in local administrations.

New information technologies have amplified the availability of disseminating publicly not only Town Council debates but also the events and all the activities organised by administrations, offering the following enormous advantages to citizens and the PA.

  • Cost-saving by publishing online Town Council sites in fact is reached by exploiting technologies like open source which does not cause expense in the Town council budget;
  • Enhancing transparency related to activities in the Halls,
  • Guaranteeing that there is an elevated visibility of assembly works thanks to an audio/visual archive on demand for searching via intranet and via internet;
  • Enhancing PA internal communication
  • Increasing participation of citizens and enhancing relations between institutions and citizens

Online consultations and all the activities of the Town Council administration is therefore a fundamental element not only to involve citizens in decisional processes but further augment trust in institutions and credibility in the democratic process.

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