• Speaker Management System

Speaker Management System

Requesting speaking and debating times

The Multimedia Integrated System for Law-making Assembly Halls offers a specific module for fully managing speaking during Assembly Hall debating. The features offered by this module prepare for and e all the needs related to organizing, rendering and publishing Assembly Acts.

The Application Module Speaker Management offers all the features required by the Chairman of the Assembly to have available complete information pertinent to debating activities to enable the conduction of interventions.

The sum of these features creates a network between Assembly Members and Chairman aimed as a complete speaking management, according to the rules and regulations of the debates. Speaker management indeed offers a versatile, all-round tool allowing a swift, efficacious co-operation between all the participants in debates.

Assembly debating is guided on the basis of the principles that are a part of Speaker Management in terms of organization, constraints and transparency. The order of request for entry in the agenda on the basis of specific topics and managing speaking times for each single Member, by party or by group, enables optimal debate planning.

The Speaker Management application is fully integrated in the Multimedia Integrated System for Law-making Assembly Halls using the following equipments:

The advantages of the Speaker Management follow:

  • The creation of lists for request to speak during debates,
  • Entering the topic to be discussed,
  • Managing Speaking Time for each Assembly Member,
  • Curtailing times according to Political Groups,
  • Printing reports of interventions indicating names, discussion topics and start and end times for each single intervention.
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