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Chamber of Deputies

Chamber of deputies


Eurel developed the first system for the Chamber of deputies in 1986 and from that time onwards we have been responsible for the ongoing updating of the system with greater and greater sophisticated technologies.
Daily routines in the Chamber of deputies subjects the system to substantial performance even reaching just about 1000 votes cast during the course of a sole session. This test-bed has caused an almost unique experience that over the years has been applied successfully to even smaller systems as well. In the field of research for new functionalities and characteristics, the Chamber of deputies has entrusted Eurel to integrate the Finger Print system - a means of recognizing the minutiae - into the Voting System to obviate any ambiguity of the votes cast.

Electronic Voting System
Palazzo Montecitorio Hemicycle 661 seats
Transport Commission Hall 54 seats

INFOCAM System for Distributing
Information pertinent to Parliamentary Activities

Speaker Management and Speaking Time System
Montecitorio Hemicycle

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