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E-parliament, this is how e-government is transforming assemblies

The World Bank Institute, the steps towards a truly participative democracy

Parliaments and Assemblies that make use of computerized solutions such as electronic voting systems, video streaming and open data accelerate implementing new models of participative democracy offered by new media.

According to a report published by the World Bank Institute the use of technology today is crucial for enhancing parliamentary democracy, empowering the efficiency of institutions and making sure that citizens may participate in the democratic life of their own country.

The document, to illustrate this supposition, refers to the concept of "Scale of Participation", used in the academic field, to elucidate the complex interrelationship existing between information and power strategies.

Using this model, the report emphasizes the manner in which new digital tools are able to entirely transform parliaments thus becoming "technologies of the citizens" where the power behind the decisional process is directly transferred to the people via three fundamental steps, as follows:

  • E-parliament. The ICT as the tool used to enhance the internal performance and efficiency of parliaments via the automation of the procedures, such as, for example, the electronic voting systems.
  • E-government. Updated, transparent web sites, open data and e-procurement services. Thanks to this type of tools, institutions develop more and more sophisticated solutions to enhance relations with citizens.
  • E-democracy. Computerized solutions such as, for example, streaming parliamentary sessions or videorecording, which contribute towards creating a true participatory democracy where citizens are located at the centre of the decisional process.

The ongoing evolution of the new computerized tools, ranging from cloud to mobile, is proving just how the development of e-parliament is transforming radically the internal functioning of parliaments and their role in representation.

Aware of this inevitable revolution, Eurel Informatica S.p.a. is continuing to invest in technological research, not only aimed at bringing citizens closer to institutions but to contribute as well towards enhancing administrative efficiency and supporting the commitment of the people in attaining democracy.

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