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ONU: E-government and ICT are the keys for building a new model to boost sustainable development

The ONU survey on e-Government underlines the importance of ICT for the wellbeing of the planet

E-government and the use of ICT tools such as electronic voting and Open data,are the keys for building a new model to boost sustainable development thus ensuring the wellbeing of the people of our planet.

This is what emerges from the latest survey, released by the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs.

The ONU survey emphasizes in what way e-government is, at present, the most efficient tool used to facilitate integration policies and promotion of responsive, transparent institutions.

As emphasized in the survey, using ICT technologies in Public Administrations is indispensable for gaining the goals of the sustainable development established in the Agenda 2030: ranging from the battle against hunger and poverty, through to protecting natural resources and the world-wide access to the technologies embracing information and communication. .

The wellbeing of the planet, in short, also depends on the use of certain tools such as open data, streaming of the Parliamentary Sessions and/or videorecording

These tools need to be capable of cutting PA costs as well as eliminating corruption, for the purpose of building a more reasonable economic and social, development model enhancing the transparency of the institutions and enabling the greatest participation of the citizens of the entire planet.

This is the topic that was the underlying theme of the last Forum PA, during which the relationship between sustainability and Digital PA was discussed.

Eurel Informatica S.p.a. well versed in the importance of democratic transparency, will continue to find technological solutions able to ensure legality and participation, in order to contribute as always in creating a more reasonable economic and social model of development.

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