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Finger Print

The safety and the certification of the Eurel Electronic Voting System is guaranteed by all the equipments available for voter identification.

Over the years the Company has always focused on developing solutions linked to the Identity Badge and as there was a need for ensuring that votes should be cast without any doubts arising, the Biometric Finger Print solution was reached.

Accordingly, Eurel integrated a biometric Finger Print sensor for reading finger prints in the Voting Terminal in the application voter detection methods consequently guaranteeing these new functionalities aimed at certifying voter identity.

The system is based on capturing a highly selective, trustworthy Pattern derived from the image of the finger prints which once recorded on the Identity Badge, are used during the vote enable step to be then compared with the voter's digital print. Should the comparison be successful between the finger print reading (in real time) and the Pattern recorded on the Badge, the terminal will be enabled for voting and the vote may then be cast.

At any time during Assembly activities, a decision may be made to utilize the control of the minutia or not. This feature is generally used for controlling presences when a quorum is required or whenever a single vote may change a result.

This functionality is available and used with success both in the Italian Chamber of Deputies as well as the Albanian Parliament.

Project for developing the use of Finger Print technology are in course at the Research Labs of Eurel Informatica. The target is to discover solutions with the least functional impact possible for the purpose of rendering voting operations as smooth and efficient as possible.

The new Voting Terminal prototypes equipping the new Finger Print are able to store over two thousand different prints and identify one of them (in real time) in less than a second.

In the new Electronic Voting Systems, this feature will make it possible to avoid giving Identity Badges to Assembly Members as each of them will then only have to place a finger on the terminal biometric sensor to be recognized.

In the Eurel Labs, research is also directed towards the most up-to-date facial recognition. Using a camcorder incorporated in the voting terminal, a means will be offered to photograph the voter to ascertain his or her identity.

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