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Electronic Identity Badge

The Eurel Sistema Electronic Voting System bases its entire philosophy, where performance and safety are concerned, on verifying that each Assembly Member in possession of a personal Electronic Badge to be used when casting votes, may be recognized and that his or her voting terminal be activated.

The information that the Badge contains is most convenient as it constrains each Member to vote from a fixed seat, otherwise it also leaves Members free to vote from any available seat and assign zones.

Special functionalities may be assigned, following Badge identification, for specific roles such as Chairmen, to have a clear picture of the layout of the Assembly available as well as assign correct titles in the minutes of the Reports.

The Identity Badge may further contain information related to Finger print minutia for the purpose of verifying without doubt the voter's identity via a biometric Finger Print. This facility favours safety regulations and obviates any possibility of casting illicit votes.

The identity system used by Eurel systems comprises a memory card badge and in certain cases a smart card.

Eurel also offers Badge personalization with groovy graphics, the eventual option of a photo or a dual chip code.

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