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Electronic voting: the multifunction integrated terminal

The technological solution for identification and casting votes

Rapid voting and the certainty of obtaining results in extremely short times. These are the most important features that an up-to-date electronic voting system should ensure for Parliaments and Assemblies.

Thanks to considerable technological progress, today these types of systems offer extremely high performances thus rendering Legislative Hall greatly simplified and automated.

One of the major components of an avant garde electronic voting system such as the one designed by the Eurel Informatica S.p.A. is the Multifunction integrated terminal.

Apart from allowing each single Member of an Assembly to cast his or her vote, this technological solution guarantees a series of basic functionalities for Deputies or Members of an Assembly Hall as follows:

  • Confirms their own identities via an Identity Badge and verifies the data related to the minutiae of the digital fingerprints via the Finger print sensor (option)
  • Follows all the voting phases and verifies the votes cast
  • Casts each single vote of the roll call following each call
  • Requests or cancels an intervention entering it in the list of speakers thanks to a direct connection to the System for Request to Speak and Manage Speaking time
  • Listens via headsets or records debates provided by audio exit (mini jack) existing on the terminal

The voting terminal installed on each single station of a Hall is the access point of reference for each Member of an Assembly.

What are the characteristics of the voting terminal of Eurel Informatica S.p.A?

Owing to our thirty years of expertise in the field of developing solutions for information systems for the Public Administration, Eurel had designed a voting terminal with the specific characteristics that has met with success in Europe, as follows:

  • Reliability
  • Ongoing performance
  • Touch screen colour display to interact with the system thanks to a complete visualization of all information
  • Voting secrecy thanks to the compartment provided for this purpose which covers and guides movements of the fingers in order to guarantee maximum secrecy

These characteristics have rendered the multifunctional integrated terminal by Eurel Informatica S.p.a. a reference model in the field of electronic voting.

A target reached thanks to an ongoing technological research and to an in-depth knowledge of all the requirements of a Legislative Assembly Hall.

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