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Local PA: multimedia assembly halls offer lower costs and greater efficiency

The Council assembly halls become multimedia for cost-saving purposes and getting closer to citizens

Electronic voting, comprising touch screen displays, video streaming of the sessions and simultaneous translation systems. During the last few years, more and more Town Councils, Regions and Provinces have transformed their Council Assembly Halls into highly innovative technological multimedia stations.

Bringing institutions closer to citizens, speeding up bureaucratic processes, ensuring transparency for Public administration activities - there are many reasons why, apart from the central PA, even local institutions choose to equip their Assembly Halls with an increasing number of sophisticated computerized tools. This choice further enables saving money and reducing costs of managing the administrative machine.

For example, in 2013, the Regional Council of Lombardy fully restyled the electronic voting apparatus all the computerized equipments in the Council Assembly Hall and thanks to the advent of wide band and empowering the internal network, a 25% cost-saving was calculated on telephone expenses and one hundred and photo copies were reduced in under a year.

Among the major innovations introduced by the Region of Lombardy, the electronic voting systems were updated with the finger print sensor and the new LCD touch screen displays as well as the installation of the synoptic results board displays for videoassembly purposes and live streaming of the sessions.

This year, the Fano Town Council, has opted for technological innovation by installing modern electronic voting stations and equipping the Council Hall with video systems for the purpose of session streaming transmission and multimedia content filing.

The same also may be applied to the Bari Town Council that decided last year to utilize new electronic voting systems to accelerate legislative activities and ensure precision and transparency of voting results.

Consequently the ongoing digital revolution has had an extremely great impact in the organization as well of the Council Assembly Halls and the local institutions. This situation represents a major reference target for Eurel Informatica S.p.A., as we always pay great attention to the renewed requirements of the local PA.

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