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Public Administration, when technology defeats corruption

A scientific study showing the relationship between digitization and legality of institutions

Using technology enables us to fight corruption and ensure greater transparency for Public Administrations. Using instruments such as electronic voting systems, videoassembly, video streaming, open data and in general, automating administrative procedures are essential for empowering the legality of a country.

The close link between digitization and fighting corruption is revealed in a scientific study, conducted by a the Company Forum PA and the Court of Editors, based on the comparison between the ranking of the most digitized EU countries and the ranking of the least corrupt nations carried out by Transparency International. The result was a 90% correlation coefficient which showed that in countries where Public Administration utilise digital technologies, the phenomenon of corruption diminishes drastically.

This urges a greater need to enhance open government politics and hasten the digitization process of all the activities related to Public Administration.

Technologies such as electronic voting systems, videorecording and video streaming involved in Assembly Hall sessions are the key to legality and transparency of democratic processes. Apart from ensuring accuracy, rapidity and reliability for administrative procedures, they in fact guarantee that citizens take part in their country's political life and control of institutional activities.

We of Eurel Informatica, because of our in-depth experience in implementing computerised solutions for law-making Hemicycles and Assemblies have always believed in the power of technology to enhance communications between Citizens and Institutions.

We intend to continue along the path of innovation, offering our experience and our qualifications to the service of democracy.

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