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Rapidity and transparency in Council Sessions thanks to the Multimedia Integrated system

Electronic voting, streaming and videorecording: the advantages for Town Council Assemblies

The availability of Electronic Voting Systems and solutions such as videostreaming and videorecording are already consolidated on the market for use in Parliaments as well as in large-sized Legislative Assemblies, aware of the importance of embarking along the path of digital advancement.

However, during recent years, using tools such as the Multimedia Integrated System has further become more and more frequent by a large number of local bodies existing in Italy, such as Municipalities, Provinces and Regions.

Among others, an example is the Regional Council of Lombardy that has for some years already transformed the Assembly Hall into a real and proper multimedia station placing it among one of the most technologic Assemblies in Italy.

The path towards ICT development and digitalization is without doubt easier and quicker for smaller-sized bodies. According to the latest report of the Italian Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) in fact, while 82% of the larger Municipalities made use of sophisticated technologies, only 16% of the smaller did so.

Even though the financial resources were scarce and the staff's qualifications were rather lacking in the ICT sector, in small-sized Municipalities as well adopting Technology is becoming an essential factor.

In smaller municipalities the advantages that ICT offer are in fact undeniable in terms of enhancing relations with citizens as well as optimizing internal administrative procedures.

Electronic voting, streaming and viderecording. What are the advantages for Town Councils?

The visibility of Council activities and simplifying the work of all the supporting Staff are generally the major requirements that boost Municipalities to decide to use such solutions for their Assemblies as they are able to guarantee considerable advantages such as the following:

• Guaranteeing transparency of Public Administration activities:

Cutting down costs

• Bringing citizens closer to institutions thus enabling their greater participation

• Speeding and automating bureaucratic processes

Cutting down session recording time

• Guaranteeing administrative procedure security

Multimedia Integrated Systems designed and implemented by Eurel Informatica S.p.a. are specially dedicated to reaching these objectives.

It is thanks to the expertise gained over 30 years of activity, that the quality of our technology guarantees absolute reliability to both great Parliamentsas well as the small assemblies of the Municipalities, Provinces and Regions.

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