• Public Address System and Sound System

Public Address System

Complete Public Address System

The Multimedia Integrated System for Law-making Assemblies has two main structures where the main functionalities are integrated: the Electronic Voting System that manages voting phases and the Public Address System responsible for all the functionalities covered by speaking management ranging from Microphone to Conference System through to managing debates offered by the Speaker Management.

The Public Address System integrated with the Electronic Voting System, in particular the Voting Terminal equipment is extended by a microphone with special keys for requesting permission to speak and for muting purposes. All the operating procedures are managed by the Speaker Management.

The Public Address System was designed using best of the brand equipments selected from the major Brands available on the world marketplace and widely experienced Partners storici (Bose, Beyerdynamic, Shonner, InterM, ecc).

The Public Address System envisages a prominent place for the during debates the speaker's voice debates thus providing availability to produce and store each single intervention for the Assembly and public who following procedures in real time as well as for the Administration and citizens who make use of detailed transcribed and recorded reports.

The functionalities offered by the Speaker Management enhanced the empowering of the Public Address System offering Assemblies with a versatile, easy-to-use tool that complies with Parliamentary and Council regulations and further able to produce minutes, text documents and multimedia certificates.

The basic equipment of the Public Address System comprises the main devices such as the microphone unit complete with the interacting and reserving unit installed in the Voting Terminals and the wiring needed for phonic circuits, equipments for managing and controlling sound such as microphone preamplifiers, mixers, Larsen suppressors, graphic equalizers, power amplifiers, professional recorders and sound diffusers.

All Public Address projects offered by Eurel require an in-depth inspection of the environment for sound purposes with specific interventions involving site acoustics.

The project resulting from this analysis offers the best sound solution based on the environmental conditions and is the guarantee of the quality and expertise achieved in the specific sector of the Multimedia Integrated System for Law-making Assemblies.

The Public Address System integrates with the Videorecording system system and VideoAssembly Systems providing all the functionalities for broadcasting live onto Internet all the Assembly sessions (on DVBT TV channels as well).

The advantages of the Eurel Public Address system follow:

  • High level quality and voice comprehension,
  • Public Address delivery and management in remote environments,
  • Volume variation and storing of each single microphone station,
  • Public Address without operator intervention (fully automatic) for use external to institutions (conventions and conferences).
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