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Company profile

Eurel Informatica SpA was founded in Rome in 1986 by a staff of electronic computer designers whose target was to implement computer systems for Public Administrations.

During the first years of its activities, Eurel designed and delivered electronic voting systems for the Senate of the Italian Republic, the Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament.

These early outstanding results created the basis for boosting our technological know-how towards smaller-sized political assembles, aimed at creating highly computerized integrated systems, tailor-made for the requirements of Local Public Administrations.

Consequently our engineers then extended their electronic voting systems, by incorporating public address systems developing loudspeakers, speaker management and videorecording.

At the beginning of the nineties, the first multimedia integrated systems were developed achieving immediate consent by a large number of customers.

From that time onwards, ongoing innovative design activities were performed that made Eurel a key provider in the highly specialized field of automating law-making assembly works.

For the first time, the high-level technologic standards of their systems have enabled Eurel to offer other equipments, which during the course of the years have even become standards for other companies as well. These comprised the use of badges with a built-in chip for identifying Members, state-of-the-art displays (in various technologies) where messages could also be viewed always extending their reach, sections on terminals for users purpoes, availability of video cams with automatic training to record audio/video versions of the sessions automatically, finger print sensors to univocally identify Members who have the right to vote.

Eurel is consequently and always has been a mine full of ideas all targeting to grow and integrate the already large number of functionalities of its own systems.

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