• A new major contract for the Eurel Group

A new major contract for the Eurel Group

New electronic voting systems for the European Parliament

The Eurel Group has been awarded a new major contract for electronic voting systems coming within a framework agreement with the European Parliament.

Taking advantage of the interruption of parliamentary proceedings for the European elections during the first half of this year, our Group are installing seven new electronic voting systems between Brussels and Strasbourg for the same number of Commission Halls.

The new systems will be of the latest state-of-the art generation and will replace those currently installed as they have been operating for 10 years and are consequently considered obsolete by the European Parliament.

The distinctive feature of the new systems can be seen in the aesthetics of the new electronic voting terminals and the construction material used for the first time will not be metal but ABS, a valuable material that enables the production of moulds offering fully surface scratch resistance and breakage.

The attractive appearance of the voting terminals is well suited to the furnishing of the Commission Halls, created in a linear, modern style so that when installed they fit perfectly up to a point that they seem an integral part of the furnishing.

In addition, the terminals are equipped with a large 3.5 " colour display touch screen, thus augmenting the degree of interaction with the user, so that the screen can be used to gather information and messages sent by the Central Unit.

'The availability of this interaction is enhanced by the special attention paid to ergonomics whose target is to facilitate the voting process and other eventual functions. The dimensions of the seven halls range from 100 to over 400 seats and the entire supply comprising all the other necessary devices required envisages the delivery and installation of over 1200 voting terminals.

Considering the time available for setting up the seven Commission Halls, the Eurel Group will have to rely on all their know-how and organization to succeed in this enterprise being once again protagonists in Europe and consolidating their superiority in this most important field of application.

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