• The importance of electronic Voting system for Public Administration

The importance of Electronic Voting System for Parliamentary Assemblies

The importance of Electronic Voting System for Parliamentary Assemblies

Eyes glued to electronic wall-boards anxiously waiting for electronic voting system results, pressured by the great market involvement.

Electronic Voting System is now able to change the country's fate. Printouts are checked to discover who has been disloyal or why the results do not tally as even one single missing vote may cause an upheaval on the stock exchange.

What has been happening during the last few days in Italy proved just how much modern technologies have create a new regime to be used in handling administrative activities and regulating those markets that ask Public Administrations to change to a new modus operandi. This requirement must necessarily be driven by the speed information travels and by optimising Counselling Assembly Activities. By now markets, corporate institutions and media are now hungry for news and all information has to be available in as short a time as possible.

Public Administrations have to defend themselves when faced with these changes. They have to exploit to the full the benefits to be derived from state-of-the-art information technologies. Law-making activities and the debates in Assembly Halls have at all costs to be speeded up since the international marketplaces demand swift answers. Only a short time remains to follow the right path towards a regeneration process for a political, institutional and economic renewal.

Open Government has opened the way for this change, thus Governments will now be able to talk to their citizens apart from re-organising all their Public Administration activities.

Eurel Informatica has already acquired a long-term experience in delivering professional solutions for various electronic voting systems as well as managing all Parliamentary Assemblies because we have installed such systems at the European Parliament, the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and a large number of Central and Local Public Administrations.

We offer electronic voting systems, video conference systems, speaker management and videorecording in Assembly Halls as well as all those performances that enable ongoing visibility to Political debating and work apart from empowering overall PA activities.

The way is open, the tools are now available, let's switch on the vote and help the Governors to rule.

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