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Touch screens and Videowalls: display systems for electronic voting

How to choose the best display systems adapted to an Assembly Hall?

Touch screen displays, LCD screens and LED Videowalls for videoassemblies and disseminating information involving events occurring in Assembly Halls and the results of electronic voting.

The display systems are becoming more and more important in order to ensure efficiency and transparency of the activities involving Assembly Halls and Parliaments.

An image repeated on the display of the parliamentary hemicycle is often what the members stare at waiting for a vote that could change the balance of a Country and the progress of the stock markets.

This is the reason why it is important for display devices to be designed to guarantee maximum technological efficiency, thus ensuring speed and accuracy in disseminating information both regarding legislative procedures as well as during debates in the hemicycle.

Only those who are well versed in the field of developing technologies for the PA, such as the l'Eurel Informatica S.p.A., are well aware that the requirements of each assembly differ. This depends first and foremost on the typology and specific requirements of the purchaser.

How to choose the best display systems adapted to an Assembly Hall?

At present, new technologies provide a large number of different types of Videowalls and displays. Choosing a certain type of display system to be installed in an assembly, must in any case be suitable considering the diverse variables and, above all, the dimensions of the hall.

For example, in the Assembly Halls of local bodies such as Councils in Municipalities, Provinces and Regions it is usual to prefer using monitors having dimensions ranging from 50" to 65".

As an alternative, where the dimensions of the Assembly Hall and the lighting allow for it, projectors may be used with fixed or motorized screens, which does not provide the best results.

In the case of larger Assemblies, such as Parliamentary Assemblies instead, it is advisable to install display systems such as high definition graphic Videowalls made up of FullColor LED. This type of solution facilitates creating large-sized panels ideal to meet the requirements of larger parliaments.

In any case, today avant garde display devices to be considered really efficient and up to date have to ensure certain fundamental characteristics, as stated below:

  • Maximum speed in displaying information
  • High definition and resolution of the screen
  • Very high efficiency and reduced power consumption
  • Limited overall dimensions and weight

Eurel Informatica S.p.A. is proud of its consolidated know-how in this sector as well, having installed systems with these solutions at the European Parliament, The Chamber of Deputies, The Italian Senate and in many other central and local PA's.

Furthermore, we will continue to demonstrate our elevated professionality in implementing high technology solutions in managing all the activities of Parliamentary Assemblies according to these solutions created for this specific sector.

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