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Electronic voting and design, when technology meets art

How to adapt the design of a multimedia integrated system to the artistic value of the environment in a legislative assembly hall.

Information Technology but not alone. Design as well is a major issue when designing an Electronic Voting System. Above all when Parliamentary or Council Assemblies take place in halls hosting works of art and precious decorations.

In these situations the voting terminals and the other computerized systems, apart from ensuring optimal technological activities, have to be designed and installed to go well with the furnishings already existing, enhancing their artistic value.

Eurel Informatica S.p.a. has always been able to combine the technological efficiency of our Multimedia Integrated Systems with the design and architecture of Council Assembly Halls. Being aware of the importance of maintaining the cultural heritage of the Halls, Eurel has provided for a specific department comprising a team of experts who work together diligently to integrate the terminals and equipments to meet the aesthetic requirements and historical, artistic values of the Assembly Halls.

In fact, in Italy the seats of the PA are often hosted in historical buildings of enormous architectonic prestige. Ranging from the Palazzo degli Elefanti in Catania to the Ca'Loredan di Venezia through to Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama, the computerised systems created by Eurel Informatica have often been installed in Assemblies and Council Halls where important frescoes, decorations and paintings, a part of the artistic heritage of our country, may be found.

Among these for example the Palazzo d'Accursio, the site of the Bologna Municipal Council stands out. This is where the Galleria dei Senatori, a splendid example of Baroque art where the frescoes painted by Angelo Michele Colonna and Gioacchino Pizzoli go back to 1676 and which can still be admired.

There are further many famous works such as the works in the Camera dei deputati, the pictorial frieze dedicated to the history of the Italian people by Giulio Aristide Sartorio and the bronze panel depicting the glorification of the Sabauda Dynasty by Davide Calandra.

The multimedia integrated system created by Eurel Informatica S.p.A. is also installed in the monumental Sala dei Grandi of the Arezzo Provincial Council named in this way because of the famous cycle of frescoes named "Portrait of the Illustrious Gentlemen of Arezzo" created by the painter Adolfo De Carolis.

Arezzo Provincial Council

The value of an Electronic Voting System is further enhanced by how much it may be personalised as well as the ability of adapting it to the architecture of the environment where it is installed.

It is for this reason that the Eurel team of designers and computer experts always continue to implement systems to meet the specific requirements of an Assembly Hall, taking into account its aesthetics as well, but never penalizing our high technological standards.

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