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Technology and the PA: what are the requirements of legislative assemblies?

Digital transformation has modified the technological requests of Parliaments and assemblies

Electronic voting systems and computerised solutions for the automation of parliament activities and legislative assembly halls have undergone in-depth technological developments with the advent of digital transformation, mainly in terms of speed, efficiency, certainty of the results and transparency.

What are the current technological requests coming from Legislative Assemblies?

In order to design highly professional computerised systems for the PA, an in-depth knowledge of legislative assemblies is essential as today they require systems offering the following certain features:

  • Availability of updating components and functionalities. One of the strong points of an Integrated System is the availability at any time of adding further modules that were not envisaged during the design phase otherwise to replace those parts which have become obsolete in the meantime.
  • Customized projects and design. Creating a new Electronic Voting System involves taking the specific requirements of the Assembly Hall into consideration, both from the technical point of view as well as the compatibility of the equipments with the architecture, if there is any furniture and/or works of art.
  • Technical Assistance has to be ensured both as a preventive control of the entire system as well as a solution for any malfunctioning that may occur during use.
  • Cutting down transcription times. Systems have to automatically provide the documentation relating to the operations performed (cutting down the time that would be employed by the personnel).
  • Citizen participating in democratic activities (thanks to open data, video streaming and camcording minutes of the sessions)
  • Dematerialization of administrative procedures, for producing, delivering and filing digital documents.

It is essential for Companies working in the sector to take these requirements into consideration. This is the reason why Eurel Informatica S.p.A. continues to update constantly for the purpose of designing their own systems and extending the range of their services to be supplied to their clients.

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