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Forum PA 2011

Forum PA 2011: Proposing the Public Administration event

This year Eurel will take part in Forum PA (Padiglione 7, stand 18B) together with their companies and partners Interact SpA e Write System to present all the solutions already tried out over the years related to Public Administration both Central and Local, including Electronic Voting System.

Forum PA, the event targeting the innovation of Public Administration and the systems in the territory will be presented at the Fiera di Roma in via Portuense 1155 in compliance with the new current regulations, above all CAD (Digital Administration Code) involving policies of Shared Services, Transparency, Open Data, Open Gov, Accountability and E-Democracy.

Forum PA implements the ongoing trend to go onto the "network". by Enterprises, Public Administrations, the world of research, the third sector and citizens. THE NETWORK is in fact the goal to be reached to close more and more the innovative gap that causes the decline of relationships between the people and bodies involved.

The event focuses on integrating and making the different entities communicate by implementing and managing Public Services with the end goal of optimizing available resources, enhancing local structures by promoting collaboration, focusing on the quality and guaranteeing the services and fundamental rights of citizens.

One of the major topics to which the entire day of the Eleventh of May is dedicated involves Cloud Computing for PA with all the prospects and the risks involved.

Over 500 exhibitors will participate in the Fair proposing pioneering solutions to contribute towards the techno-informative transformation in progress. Over 230 projects will further be presented to participate in the competition "Less paper, Greater value".

Some of these solutions follow:

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