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Eurel has renewed relations with PA and local institution through the MePA

The Como Town Council has once again entrusted Eurel with the new version of the information system

Fifteen years have passed since the first electronic voting systems were installed, and now the Como Town Council has again chosen the information solutions offered by Eurel Informatica S.p.a for the full remake of the Integrated multimedia system in the Council Hall.

On this occasion, we have acted through the MePa, the Electronic marketing system of the Public Administration, the virtual marketplace managed by the Consip on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Finances where Eurel has been present for many years.

It is a public eProcurement body where purchasing administrations and trustworthy suppliers, authorised to publish their own catalogues on the system, meet together to negotiate online purchaser contracts for the supply of legally valid goods and services through the use of digital signatures.

The system that Eurel Informatica S.p.A. designed and implemented in 2000 for the Como town council hall had already been restyled and, in 2010, its technology was updated as well. Last January, however Eurel implemented a full remake by replacing all the modules comprising the system with state-of-the-art technologies: ranging from the electronic voting system through to the sound system, passing as well along the electronic results boards and the LCD displays.

The Como town council decision to entrust Eurel for this implementation is a demonstration of the renewed trust and satisfaction regarding the quality and efficiency of the IT solutions designed and implemented by the our Company. The methods used in delivering the new system has further confirmed the ongoing importance of the MePa - a market that today comprises over 60 thousand registered administrations and 10 thousand certified companies that have provided a full catalogue of over 1 million 300 thousand offers of products and services.

The MePa has consequently represented a small revolution in the Public tenders sector, boosting dematerialization and accelerating purchasing processes. Eurel Informatica S.p.a. has always paid great attention to transformation and to all those opportunities that technology offers. We have ever been ready to make use, in this day and age, of such applications imperative for sharing information and commercial relations with the Public administration.

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