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The European Parliament, record times and quality for Eurel’s new project

The Eurel team has in just fifty days renewed five European Parliament halls in Brussels

The Eurel group has reached another major target, thus confirming our capacity in planning and implementing high tech electronic voting systems in a record time. The Eurel team has in fact in just fifty days renewed five European Parliament halls in Brussels by installing hundreds of voting terminals. This has been a complex, demanding effort that Eurel, thanks to its experience and expertise, carried out in only a few weeks, achieving excellent results.

The highly qualified project with its high technological standards received the approval and thanks of the customer regarding the quality and the rapidity it which it took to be implemented.

The new electronic voting equipments, installed in five József Antall Building halls to replace the existing ones, have been designed ad hoc and implemented by Eurel who have followed all the implementation phases ranging from developing the software through to constructing the terminals, meeting the demands of quality control, choosing the materials and personalizing the design.

Apart from ensuring the highest technological standards, the new equipments are in fact more up-to-date and lighter than the former ones and conform perfectly with the architecture and style of the electronic equipment already installed in the Halls.

Consequently, once again, the Eurel Group has confirmed that it is a player of excellence in a complex sector involved in the implementation of electronic voting systems. It has, as always, provided professional competence and technology at the service of institutions.

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